Propeller 2 Specifications

Propeller 2 preliminary features list v2.0 - has been added to the bottom of this page in PDF format.

Note (1): Please keep in mind that these features are planned; implementation within the final product is dependent on layout and other constraints.
Note (2): Main memory RAM size may change due to layout constraints.


  • 32-bit, general purpose multicore microcontroller
  • 8 identical processors (cogs)
  • Planned 128-pin SMT package(1)

Clock Speed:

  • 200 MHz planned maximum clock speed(1)
  • Internal RC: 20 kHz or 20 MHz (cannot use PLL)
  • External oscillator: DC to 200 MHz (without PLL) or 10 MHz to 32 MHz (with PLL) for system clock speed of 200 MHz maximum(1)
  • PLL modes: 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x input clock multiplier

Performance Metrics:

  • 4-stage pipeline
  • Most instructions are single cycle
  • 1600 MIPS (200 MIPS x 8 cogs) maximum instruction execution rate(1); assumes that all cogs are running, their pipelines are always full, and only single-cycle instructions are being executed


  • Main memory: 126 KB RAM(2) + 2 KB ROM planned
  • Cog memory: 2 KB (512 longs) cog RAM
  • Optional external 32-bit addressable SDRAM for run-time data workspace; code space is not extendable
  • Non-volatile application and data storage via external SPI EEPROM or SD card
  • Cogs can access Main Memory at each hub access window in units of 1 byte, 1 word, 1 long, or 4 contiguous quad-aligned longs.
  • Hub access window arrives for each cog in a round-robin fashion every 8 cycles.

Power Specifications:

  • Core voltage: 1.8 VDC
  • I/O pin voltage: 1.8 VDC–3.3 VDC
  • Current source or sink per I/O: 40 mA
  • Total current draw @ 1.8 VDC Core, 3.3 VDC I/O, 25° C: TBD


  • 92 I/O pins total: 84 fully general purpose I/O + 8 additional general purpose I/O available after boot-up
  • Each I/O pin is planned(1) to have internal:
    • Input ADC
    • Output DAC
    • True or inverted input/output
    • Differential input/output
    • Comparator
    • Schmitt input

Counter Modules:

  • 2 counter modules, each with 2 integrated waveform generators, per cog


  • Hardware multiplier, divider, and square root
  • Hardware CORDIC system

Video Generation:

  • Each cog has independent video generation hardware capable of VGA, Standard PAL/NTSC, and HD up to 1080p (at 30 Hz).

Code Protection and Encryption:

  • Propeller application and data optionally encrypted in non-volatile storage

Supported Languages:

  • Propeller 2 Spin and Propeller 2 Assembly
  • Propeller 2 Assembly is not fully backwards compatible with Propeller 1 Assembly
  • Planned Propeller 1 Spin code and PASM code support