AN013: GUI & Graphics Series – Menus and Messaging with the Propeller Window Manager Framework

This GUI & Graphics Series tutorial illustrates how to create complex, data-driven GUI applications based on the Propeller Window Manager Framework (WMF).  The demos provided illustrate the use of menus, buttons, and event handler development to implement entire GUI applications that control real world devices.

AN009: Code Execution Time on the P8X32A

Determine the execution time of Spin or Propeller Assembly code on the P8X32A by using the system counter, by toggling an I/O pin, or by counting assembly instruction cycles. The techniques presented are vital for discovering or verifying routine timing and tuning code to an application's needs.

AN005: GUI & Graphics Series – Simple VGA Menus

This GUI & Graphics Series tutorial for the P8X32A illustrates how to program and create text menus in VGA applications with Spin.  Additionally, it discusses text rendering, ornamentation, layout, and other GUI concepts. This document builds upon foundation information covered in AN004 “Getting Started with VGA and Terminal Output.”


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